Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Current Devotionals

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

shoes and Jesus

Friday, while carrying some items down the steps to our basement (in my stocking feet) my foot slipped on the very first step and I fell all the way to the bottom of the landing … injuring (but not seriously) my right ankle, knee and hip. Sunday morning in my office while sorting through a stack of articles I came across one that gave some advice on how to avoid household injuries.   To prevent falls down the steps in your home the article said to wear shoes instead of just socks.  Especially wear shoes with some tread on the soles.  I remember glancing at this article a few […]

Happy New Year

Christian Dads has rung in 2010 with a new site design. Please pardon our dust as there’s still a bunch of revisions going on. We’re not even close to the full launch. Consider this the beta launch. Site contributors will be getting an email shortly explaining everything. 2010 don’t tell God how big your problems are. Tell your problems how big God is!

leave the tree up

According to research the first Christmas tree came on the scene in the European country of Latvia in 1510.  That’s about 500 years ago. From my perspective I believe the first Christmas tree arrived about 2,000 years ago. You see the Bible often refers to the cross of Christ as a “tree”.  And it seems GOD hung the first ornament on that “tree” … and that ornament was JESUS Himself … a willing sacrifice. “He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by His wounds we are healed.” 1 Peter […]

say it – sing it – live it

Although few exist, you can still find public businesses who actually wish you a Merry Christmas and play Christmas carols.  I found such a place yesterday in Geneva, Illinois  … so I listened carefully to the lyrics while I waited in line. Here is a snap shot of what I heard – – – “Glooooooooooooooooooria in excelsis deo” …. means “glory to GOD in the highest“. “Oh Come Oh Come Immanuel” …  “Immanuel” means “GOD with us“. “Worship Christ the new-born King” … “Christ” means “anointed one“. “Christ the Savior is born” … “Savior” means “one who saves or delivers“. “Merry Christmas” is a nice greeting … but […]

Movie Review: Invictus

Sports movies are always going to be a hard thing to pull off. While we love sports, and we love sports stories, a movie about sports takes away probably the best part of sports–the unpredictability. In a film, the fate has been determined. Besides, in most sports stories, you know that the team usually wins–unless that’s not the point. If it’s a movie about a bunch of losers, they will end up winning the big game. If it’s a movie about people coming together, the team can lose the big game and it’s OK. In a film like “Remember the […]

the running back's spirit

While watching a Thanksgiving football game I heard a commentator mention over and over again the unique “spirit” in a particular running back. He ran hard, could read his blockers, was able to cut on a dime, and kept his high-stepping knees driving forward with power when about to be tackled. The commentator stated … “All running backs need this kind of special spirit.” To be an effective representative of GOD you and I need a special spirit as well. And we cannot manufacture this spirit on our own … it must come from GOD alone and is offered through […]

no idea – no clue

Saturday I officiated a funeral for a 74 year old man. During the order of service I introduced his son to give a brief eulogy. I stood off to the side partially listening but mostly thinking about the opening point of my message. Suddenly and without warning the son giving the eulogy turns to me and says: “Pastor would you lead us in The Lord’s Prayer?” My mind was a blank … I had no idea … no clue. Not only could I not remember the Lord’s prayer, I could not remember the passage of scripture where it was found. […]

clear expectations

Growing up I knew exactly what my parents expected from me. Although these expectations were made clear … often times they needed to be reinforced on my back-side. As a high school, college and seminary student life was a little easier when precise curriculum guidelines were in place. Although these expectations were made clear … at times I failed to meet them. As an average to below average high school and college athlete I experienced coaches who defined my strengths and weaknesses … and I usually appreciated their advice. With all this said … How about GOD … What is […]

peace prize priority

The Nobel Peace Prize appears to be centered around an outstanding person (or persons) making a significant contribution to world or international peace. A nobel gesture for sure, but one that Jesus himself probably would not receive if He were still in His earthly body today. Scripture makes it clear that the Prince of Peace (Jesus) did not come to earth as a man to accomplish world peace among the nations. Instead Jesus instructed us that we would always face wars and rumors of wars until He returns to establish His Kingdom. (Matthew 24:6-7) The peace Christ came to give […]

Movie Review: Where The Wild Things Are

This has to be one of the most well known children’s books of all time. Anyone who is anyone remembers this book being read to them by teachers, or their parents, when they were growing up. Alongside our various “Ramona” and “Berenstain Bears” books, was an old library copy of “Where the Wild Things Are”. I remember very little about the book, except the monsters. The film, directed by Spike Jonze (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Being John Malkovich”), explores the book’s very thin idea about imagination, and creates a real world surrounding an imaginary one reminding me a […]