Saturday, October 1, 2016

4 Essential Elements for Parenting

Listed below are what Dennis Rainey describes as the 4 essential elements for parenting. I caught this a while ago on a Family Life Today radio broadcast and wanted to share them here. It makes a lot of sense and keeps it simple.

Would love to hear thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. from all the Dads out there who have a whole lot more experience as parents than I do. I’m posting this minutes after coming in from outside, playing with my daughter (Summer, who is almost 3) and two of the neighbor kids. They were playing baseball and hockey… no, not at the same time. Summer threw the baseball and hockey puck in the bushes about 17 times… just for the fun of it… she laughed like crazy… thought it was hilarious. 

I’m sure that somehow little things like that fit into this grid, but I’m not exactly sure how.

The 4 Essential Elements for Parenting

(1) Identity – personal and sexual

(2) Relationships – how to do life with imperfect people

(3) Character – understanding right and wrong

(4) Sense of Mission – what’s God doing and how do I fit in?

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