Saturday, October 1, 2016


I took Chloe to the doctor last week. When we walked in the door, the nurse (I’ll call her “Susie”) met us with a smile. “Hi, Mr. Myers. Hello, Chloe. How are you today?” Susie was friendly, efficient and good with the children. I always liked her. “We’re fine,” I said. “We’re here for Chloe’s checkup.” “Okay,” she said. She looked down at the chart. “Uh-oh, it looks like Chloe’s going to get shots today.” “Shots?” “Yes, sir. But don’t worry,” she said with a light laugh, “they won’t hurt a bit.” Honestly, who did Susie think she was lying […]

You Do It.

We started our little adventure through the neighborhood with Chloe sitting in the wagon and me pulling it.  Things quickly went downhill from there. For about half a block, she was content to sit still and let me do all the work.  Then she wanted out so she could walk.  After about ten minutes of walking, she wanted to pull the wagon herself.  I tried to talk her out of it but she was so insistent, I finally let her. It was quite a sight to see.  She did very well at the beginning, but she lacked the ability to […]

The Experts Say (Only for the fathers of girls.)

(This is something I wrote for Kai, my ten year old daughter, while I was on my way to Israel…so guys who don’t have daughters, you’re dismissed until the next topic…) How long does it take to become an expert? The experts say it takes 7-10 years and 50,000 “chunks” of new knowledge. You can’t paint a picture in Sunday School class, sit around and in 7 years call yourself an expert. You have to gain new knowledge and continue to gather this new knowledge everyday for 7 years. Many of your friends will appear to be experts at many […]

Love and Donuts

I went with my son Noah to Krispy Kreme donuts to grab some glazed donuts. We got to the counter and he asked me if he could have a chocolate milk.    I thought to myself “Buddy, you are going to have a sugar overload…but okay.”   I said “sure”.   Then he asked me if he could have two donuts.   My alarm went off “warning, warning…you are about to hit sugar coma…do not, I repeat, do not let him have another donut.”   I said “sure”.   The alarm came back on “hello?  Is there a responsible parent […]

The Smiles Get Wider…

Right after Christmas, I went with Noah, my son, to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags. We had a great time, but we froze our “youknowwhats”.   Standing in lines is not my idea of fun and if you add cold, windy weather on top of that, I go negative on the “fun-o-meter”.   But its always fun to watch people and I noticed something odd when we were standing in line for the La Vibora ride.   The smiles get bigger the closer you are to the front of the line.   Duh.   I guess that’s to be […]

Dog? God?

When I was 12, my parents bought me a cocker spaniel.  His name was Bucky. I had begged for months to get a dog and finally they broke under the intense pressure of an unrelenting 12 year old boy.  After the initial fun of the first few weeks of having a dog wore off, my mom and dad had to constantly remind me to feed Bucky, give him fresh water, give him baths and…pick up piles.  Fun times. My dad finally got tired of having to remind me so he sat me down.  He said “Eric, you’re the closest thing […]

A Word to Fathers about their Daughter's Clothes

I started working on an article today based on Paul’s words to Timothy in regarding how women should dress. I came across this incredible word to fathers on C.J. Mahaney’s blog. Dads, I want to urge you to take responsibility for your daughters’ dress. Fathers are absolutely essential to the cultivation of modesty. When a young lady dresses immodestly, it usually means her father has failed to lead, care for and protect her. Without a father’s care and protection, she may be daily exposed to the lustful minds of men. My three daughters are grown and married now, but from […]

Avery's Song

About a year ago, I was driving in the truck with my kids and my daughter Avery said “Daddy, I want to sing you a song.”She started singing like only a 4 year old can and I listened to her serenade. About 30 seconds into the song, Kai, my oldest daughter, told her to stop because it didn’t sound good. I told Avery to keep on singing that I was enjoying her songs. Avery kept singing. About six months after that, Kai, Avery, Noah and I went to visit one of our friend’s church. It was a little more charismatic […]

Work Life Balance

         This weekend my son, Noah, was playing with some of his K’Nex (I think that is how you spell it.)        After about 30 minutes he had to show me his contraption. He had made a spoke and wheel and then put it on an axle. He then began to spin its fast as he could.  (Here is an example of the K’Nex Coaster that may help you visualize what I am saying:  202&v=ferrisCoaster2final.wmv   )        I suggested that he take one of the spokes off of the wheel to see how it would spin. It didn’t really spin, but instead […]

Shift Happens

         After visiting Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, after reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman and after watching the video below titled “Shift Happens”, I was trying to digest a paradigm shift that was happening in me.          One afternoon, I was driving down the road with my family in my Suburban and while stopped at a traffic light, I turned to my three oldest children (Kai, Avery and Noah) who were sitting behind me and I said:        “Guys, school is important. There are kids in India and China right now that are studying […]

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