Saturday, October 1, 2016

7 Steps to Effective Discipline

I have been listening to a great talk from the Resurgence’s Biblical Parenting Conference by Dr. Ted Tripp called “An Overview of Corrective Discipline“. He has written the book Shepherding a Child’s Heart which I have added to my Christmas list, as should every parent. Here are some notes I took on Dr. Tripp’s teaching about discipline. The central verse on discipline is, Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long […]

Dog? God?

When I was 12, my parents bought me a cocker spaniel.  His name was Bucky. I had begged for months to get a dog and finally they broke under the intense pressure of an unrelenting 12 year old boy.  After the initial fun of the first few weeks of having a dog wore off, my mom and dad had to constantly remind me to feed Bucky, give him fresh water, give him baths and…pick up piles.  Fun times. My dad finally got tired of having to remind me so he sat me down.  He said “Eric, you’re the closest thing […]

True Confidence: Part 1

“I’m too young” “I’m too old” “I don’t have enough education” “Is this really what God wants for me?’ Voices We all have an mp3 track that plays over and over in our heads sometimes telling us that we are not good enough to accomplish our goals and passions in life. When you are at the starting line and the gun goes off, that is not a time to hesitate. When you are at the free throw line and your team is down with a few seconds left, that is not a time for uncertainty. When you ‘re on the […]

A Word to Fathers about their Daughter's Clothes

I started working on an article today based on Paul’s words to Timothy in regarding how women should dress. I came across this incredible word to fathers on C.J. Mahaney’s blog. Dads, I want to urge you to take responsibility for your daughters’ dress. Fathers are absolutely essential to the cultivation of modesty. When a young lady dresses immodestly, it usually means her father has failed to lead, care for and protect her. Without a father’s care and protection, she may be daily exposed to the lustful minds of men. My three daughters are grown and married now, but from […]

Drawing Out Your Child's Heart

I heard John Piper say in an interview with Mark Driscoll that one of the things he most regrets about about his time parenting his now adult boys, is that he didn’t work hard enough to push inside their hearts and draw them out. He taught them the Bible, he disciplined them to be responsible, he cheered them on in sports and activities, but he feels like he didn’t do enough to teach them to understand and nurture their hearts. Watch the video and fast-forward to the 34th minute to hear John talk about this. What a challenge! I want […]

Avery's Song

About a year ago, I was driving in the truck with my kids and my daughter Avery said “Daddy, I want to sing you a song.”She started singing like only a 4 year old can and I listened to her serenade. About 30 seconds into the song, Kai, my oldest daughter, told her to stop because it didn’t sound good. I told Avery to keep on singing that I was enjoying her songs. Avery kept singing. About six months after that, Kai, Avery, Noah and I went to visit one of our friend’s church. It was a little more charismatic […]

The Hunt For the Ninja Turtle…

I had searched everywhere for a Ninja Turtle! Everytime I would be in a store I would look to see if they had one. However, with the resurgence of Batman, Indiana Jones, and the Incredible Hulk there were no mutant turtles trained in the art of ninja by their rat master who mimmicked their owners movements to be found anywhere. Finally, while on vacation we went to Toys ‘R Us and found not only a Ninja Turtle, but, Michelangelo who just happens to be my Judah’s favorite one.

Shift Happens

         After visiting Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, after reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman and after watching the video below titled “Shift Happens”, I was trying to digest a paradigm shift that was happening in me.          One afternoon, I was driving down the road with my family in my Suburban and while stopped at a traffic light, I turned to my three oldest children (Kai, Avery and Noah) who were sitting behind me and I said:        “Guys, school is important. There are kids in India and China right now that are studying […]

I Went to Work Today…

Today I had the privilege of getting in my car and driving to work today. Now, I realize that for most of you that sounds about as obvious as saying, “Hey, I breathed oxygen today”. However, since moving to Sandpoint to pastor Hidden Valley Worship Center a year ago I have been working out of my house. We have now finished the new sanctuary and church offices and I finally have a place to concentrate-something that is difficult for me to do-and a place to get work done.

check your kid's foundation

As a former basketball coach for 31 years, I taught players that everything in this sport starts with the feet. Solid footwork comes from consistent practice, practice and more practice. There is no short cut to victory. Ignore the basics and you’ll face defeat. The apostle Paul addressed this same theme in his second letter to Timothy. Your child’s eternal relationship with God (and yours as well) depends ONLY on a solid foundation. And that foundation was established more than 2,000 years ago in Jesus Christ. “Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription:The Lord knows those who […]

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