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object of faith required

Recently a young man met with me and boldly stated:
“I need to know how I can please God. I have been attending church here for three weeks and I want to join a men’s Bible study because I want to increase my faith. In the past month I have lost my job, my girlfriend and my health is being determined by some test results I am waiting for. Can you help me increase my faith ?”
I simply replied “NO”.
He looked at me and asked: “Then what do they pay you for around here ?”

I explained to this man that faith in this church or a men’s Bible study is NOT what he needed. What he needs … and what all of us need … is faith according to Hebrews 12:2.
“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who … endured the cross …

What counts first is falling in love with Jesus Christ … this is the foundation of our faith.
What follows authentic faith is obedience.
Church attendance, Bible study and serving others are then driven by love and gratitude … rather than a desire to find favor with God based on what we do. Jesus already did what was necessary for our salvation when HE allowed HIS flesh to be ripped and HIS blood to be spilled for our sins.
Faith … do you just say it … or do you truly have it ? Where’s the proof ?

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